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Feu #4

191 x 260mm, 186 pages
Paris, France (French and English-language)
Annual, first published 2020
Editor-in-chief & creative director: Fabrice Tayeau
Head of production: Morgane Tayeau

A new title for the shop, but not new to the world: Feu is dedicated to celebrating queer and creole identities at large, and its fourth edition is themed ‘The Unkind Issue.’

In their pursuit for deep trends, radical inclusivity, and diverse creativity, Feu sees unkindness as an emancipation from the expectations of others – a rebellious attitude most commonly attributed to youth. Amidst environmental, social, and political crises, the youth of today confront a rather unkind world with a mixture of ambivalence and vitality, which Feu sees as the gateway to new realities. 

Find inside bright photos and features of Guadeloupe Carnival, puppy play, skateboarding star Marina Correia, and much more.

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