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Flash Art #335

230 x 300 mm, 208 pages
Milan, Italy (English language)
Founders: Helena Kontova & Giancarlo Politi
Editor in Chief: Gea Politi
Art direction: Alessio Avventuroso

This issue: Cultural Apocalypses

Visual culture from the Middle East, questioning the western-orientated history of graphic design. On the cover: Cao Fei, Nova, 2019. Video still.

On the Journal:
‘We don’t have the ​​particular​​ ​desire to stay on edge. There are so many publications that are edgy in the parties they throw, the merchandise​ they churn out ​and the experimental design​/photography they feature. Our core product is thoughtful art criticism and that’s where we invest our energy and resources. ​Journalistic scholarship overrides​ ​the​ quick gratification of say, a streetwear collaboration.’ Read more of Hope's At work with interview with Flash Art's Bana Bissat.

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