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Flash Art #346

230 x 300 mm, 274 pages
Milan, Italy (English language)
Founders: Helena Kontova & Giancarlo Politi
Editor in Chief: Gea Politi
Art direction: Alessio Avventuroso

Published since 1967, Flash Art is dedicated to writing and thinking about contemporary art.

The theme this particularly chunky Spring 2024 issue? SELF-CONTAMINATION; an exploration of ‘a force that extinguishes or revitalizes us’. Featuring pianist/composer Duval Timothy (interviewed by Grace Wales Bonner) and artist Diane Severin Nguyen on the covers, inside you'll find the likes of Rebecca Ackroyd, Precious Okomoyon, Motoko Ishibashi, Zeinab Saleh, Stella Zhong and more whose work is ‘often proactive, chaotic, neat, or fucked up’, in the words of editor-in-chief Gea Ponti.

Also included is ‘Letter from the City’—a short insert written by Lauren Elkin reflecting on nudity and bodies in relation to Marina Abramović's Imponderabilia, reenacted at the Royal Academy earlier this year. 

On the Journal:
‘We don’t have the ​​particular​​ ​desire to stay on edge. There are so many publications that are edgy in the parties they throw, the merchandise​ they churn out ​and the experimental design​/photography they feature. Our core product is thoughtful art criticism and that’s where we invest our energy and resources. ​Journalistic scholarship overrides​ ​the​ quick gratification of say, a streetwear collaboration.’ Read more of Hope's At work with interview with Flash Art's Bana Bissat.

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