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Fourteen Poems #11

145 x 160 mm, 42 pages
London, UK
Created by: Fourteen Poems

'Queer poetry anthology'

Published three times a year, Fourteen Poems is a popular, colourful and pocket-sized anthology of modern poetry which aims to give a sense of what's happening out in the queer/poetry scene in London and beyond.

In their own words, each issue brings together '14 of the best poets in the world, printing their queer takes on sex, love, race, gender and life in the LGBTQ+ global community.' A sweet idea and an excellent way to keep a tab on the most exciting new poets out there, plus they're always keen to feature new writers.

Issue eleven is a gorgeous and autumnal burnt orange colour and features poets from Europe, Asia, North and South America and 'hilariously, round the corner from our HQ in east London.'

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