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Fukt #20, Faces

165 x 235 mm, 226 pages
Berlin, Germany
Editor: Bjorn Hegardt
Design: Arianne Spanier

The themed magazine of contemporary drawing returns with a celebration of the human face, just as we begin to drop Covid masks to reveal our faces again.

As well as plenty of images of faces, we learn how artists are adding patterns to faces to disrupt face recognition software and about prosopagnosia (face blindness), a cognitive disorder which renders the sufferer unable to recognise faces.

There are 24 different covers, each featuring a different face—peel off this fake cover and find a blank face for you to add your own features. Grab it on your phone and send it to the publishers.

On the Journal
About the previous issue, an interview with Arianne Spanier: ‘From my designer perspective obviously the cover is very important as it is the first thing people see in a store, if they don’t know the mag from before it really has to kick ass to catch their attention. So many, including myself just picking up books or magazines because of their covers..’

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