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Gentle Rain #4

177 x 270 mm, 84 pages. Hamburg, Germany (English-language)

Tagline: The International Hamburg Magazine

On the Journal:
‘What do we know about Hamburg? If you’re British then The Beatles come to mind, and the clubs of the Reeperbahn where they played. Kevin Keegan was European Footballer of the year twice while playing for Hamburger FC. And if you’re a regular here on the Journal you maybe know the annual Indiecon magazine conference that takes place in the northern German city.

Indiecon was launched by local design studio Die Brueder. Specialists in editorial design, they have just launched a city magazine for their home town. Gentle Rain is supported by the local government yet takes a sideways look at the city; this is not your traditional local magazine. Billed as the city’s first English-language magazine, it is aimed at visitors – ‘potential Hamburgers whose first language is not German’ – and does a good job of bringing its subject to life while avoiding the clichés I list above.’ Read more of Jeremy's review of the first issue.

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