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Glamcult #138

230 x 300 mm, 208 pages
Amsterdam, Netherlands (English language)
First published in 2003
Editor-in-chief: Rogier Vlaming
Lead editor: Grace Powell
Art director: Marline Bakker

Originally published as an underground tabloid (and now very much magazine-shaped),  Dutch biannual Glamcult offers a 'sincere and trenddefying' look into fashion, art and avantgarde culture. This is the Sanctum issue, an exploration into 'the pursuit of peace...the self-made and self-sought.'

Featuring cover stars VTSS, Tamino and Karwea, plus the likes of nude photographer Lara Verheijden, biologist and designer Ninamounah, 'maximalist pop-princess' Isabella Lovestory and more.

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