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Granta #164

148 x 210 mm, 266 pages
London, UK
Editor and publisher: Sigrid Rausing
Senior designer: Daniela Silva 
Production and design director: Sarah Wasley

From Nobel laureates to debut novelists, international translations to investigative journalism, each themed issue of Granta turns the attention of the world’s best writers on to one aspect of the way we live now. 

This issue, themed 'Last Notes', refers to the soundscapes of Ukraine, Cambodia, Egypt and more that you'll find within, while also marking Sigrid Rausing's final issue as editor of Granta. Signing off by reflecting on the role of literary magazines, she writes:

'If you were to ask me why literary magazines are important, I would say that they are performance spaces for new writers, a place to experiment with voice, to engage with the editing process, to meet other writers and to gain readers and recognition. Without that space, which is both playful and profound, some nebulous quality in culture dies.'

Cover artwork by Etel Adnan, 'Untitled', 1998.

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