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Hamam #5

280 x 220mm, 114 pages
Istanbul, Turkey (English language)
Magazine first launched in 2020
Editor-in-chiefEkin Balcıoğlu
Design/production: Okay Karadayılar & Ali Taptık 

The Strange issue of the ‘Magazine of letting go.’

The one-and-only quarterly bathing magazine. After reading Hamam, you'll understand why the creators behind this Turkish magazine are indeed 'bathing-obsessed'. With essays, photography, interviews and, well, lots of delicious bathing, this aesthetically-pleasing, Kickstarter-funded magazine is best enjoyed while sumptuously semi-submerged.

On the Journal:
Welcome to the first edition of ‘It’s this one thing’, a new feature on the Journal which takes you gently by the (heavily-sanitised) hand and guides you into the world of notably-niche magazines which explore ‘this one thing’—be that wine, work, or women who skateboard. To get things off the ground, we begin with a magazine obsessed with ‘the art and culture of bathing’. That’s right, baths—your Japanese hot springs, your Scandinavian saunas, your Korean scrubs and your rub-a-dub-dubs... READ MORE

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