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Hinterlands #3

180 x 250mm, 90 pages
Berlin, Germany (English language)
First published in 2020
Editors: Hanna Döring, Freia Kuper & Maike Suhr
Graphic design: Till Hormann

Offering an alternative to romanticised ideals of rural living, Hinterlands sheds light on the overlooked and varied stories of country life via essays, short stories and photography.

Following the Blue and Orange issues, this is the Green issue.

Green is examined throigh its various meanings—via the percentage of the UK that is deemed ‘built-up’; through the damage caused to rural areas damaged by industry (Italy’s Po river) and climate threats to the countryside. There is also art, such as Salome Jashi’s record of a Georgian billionaire’s extraordinary project to import centuries old trees for his private arbortoreum.

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