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Huck #80

220 x 275mm, 122 pages
London, UK
First published in 2006
Editor-in-chief: Andrea Kurland
Editor: Josh Jones
Design director: Tertia Nash
Art director: Beatriz Cóias

First focusing on music, surf and skate-related youth culture, over the (getting nearer to) two decades since, Huck has grown to cover a broader range of alternative culture in print, video, and digital. In their words Huck 'roams the globe seeking out artists, activists and creative renegades who are breaking down the old world to build something new.'

It's the ‘Power of Words” issue with American comedian and writer Ziwe on the cover. This edition explores the full breadth of language from sign language interpreters at rap shows to the secret language Polari developed by the UK's queer community throughout history. It's a great, expressive theme, perfect for a wordy format like a magazine.

From the Journal: 
(Of an earlier issue) 'The redesign has been overseen by Design Director Fabrizio Festa, who grew up in Varese, a small city north of Milan, and studied design at Politecnico di Milano. He moved to London in 2011 and freelanced in advertising before taking the chance to return to his first love, magazines, as Design Director at TCO London, in 2019...' READ MORE

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