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Infringe #4

245 x 310 mm, approx 300 pages
London, UK
Founders and Editors-in-Chief: Anthony & Pat Mascolo

‘Anthropology of Hair’

Founded by experienced hairdressers and stylists Anthony and Pat Macolo, Infringe was meant to be a platform for creativity in hair and manifested as a print and digital magazine. There's particular focus on the subculture of hair, featuring work from underground stylists and some artists who aren't even hairdressers. 

The latest issue has a cover story on hair stylist Paul Hanlon's high fashion punk style for Moschino's A/W 2023 runway show. Also featuring: Gary Gill, Sofia Geideby, BEBOP Salon, Haley Williams, Kingsley Osuji, Tomihiro Kono, KIMHĒKIM, Yumiko Hikage. Explore the cutting edge of hair's cultural significance and identities in this newest edition.

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