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Interview #545

230 x 300 mm, 146 pages
New York, US
Editorial director: Richard Turley
Creative director: Mel Ottenberg
Art director: Kurt Woerpel

Interview is currently one of the most exciting examples of contemporary editorial design out there. Launched in 1969 by Andy Warhol, the original celebrity mag celebrated its 50th anniversary a few years back with a return to the original large-format page size, and continues at that size.

On the cover of the Autumn/Fall 2022 edition of Interview, it’s Nicki Minaj—shining red lollipop in hand, car in flames in the background. 'SUCK IT' reads the tiny lettering by the lollipop. 

On the Journal:
Art director Kurt Woerpel runs through this issue’s typography.
‘This brief insight into the typography of Interview is a reminder how complicated it can be to create something that appears simple. And this is the secret to the magazine’s success: a simple concept fullfilled by a strong team passionate about refining their contributions into a large-format celebrity zine. Let’s call it Magazine of the Year.’

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