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350mm x 500mm, 16 pages
London, UK
First published 2021
Editor & art director: Steven Gregor

Have you been missing Gym Class Magazine, the magazine about magazines? Well relax—the subtly different name JIM gives a clue to the origins of this new launch.

Essentially Gym Class under a new name, this broadsheet newspaper was inspired by Happy Reader editor Seb Emina’s list of ‘12 reasons print will persist,’ originally noted in his magazine but enlarged upon here.

Anyone with a passing interest in magazine making will value hearing from a list of names that spans just about all those that matter right now, including Tyler Brûlé (Monocle), Holly Catford (Pit, Cheese), Shazia Chaudhry (Design Anthology), Perrin Drumm (A24, Eye on Design), Seb Emina and Tom Etherington (The Happy Reader), Gert Jonkers (Fantastic Man), Andrea Lazarov (Buffalo Zine), Penny Martin (The Gentlewoman), Justin Metz (freelance illustrator), Danielle Pender (Riposte), Josef Reyes (Day + Night), Chloe Scheffe (Here, Lux), and Kurt Woerpel (Interview).


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