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Like the Wind #32

200 x 255 mm, 132 pages
London, UK
Co-founders: Simon Freeman & Julie Freeman Kummer
Editor: Simon Freeman
Creative director: Julie Freeman Kummer
Co-creative director and design: Alex Murphy

Like the Wind brings together stories for, by, and about people who run. This isn't a magazine about how to run; but why. The perfect place for those looking for community and a little inspiration to lace up their shoes; whether for the first time or just the first time in a while. 

In their words: 'Once again we’re thrilled to share running stories from around the world in the latest edition of Like the Wind. Our printed pages play host to a huge spectrum of experiences and geographies, ranging from the stunning lakes and mountains of the Epirus region of Greece to the pinewoods of north-western Scotland’s Atlantic coast to the dry desert highways connecting Los Angeles and Las Vegas.'

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