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Limbo #1

230 x 325mm, 178 pages. London, UK

This bold new magazine has been launched to raise money for its contributors and staff, people in limbo, who have lost work and income due to the Coronavirus epidemic.

The four front cover designs set the tone: they each link together to create a larger collage image using various images from the issue. Inside, Limbo follows the same sense of surprise and contrast. Contributions from illustrators, artists, dancers, photographers, poets and writers sit alongside interviews.

There are too many people involved to list them all but a quick selection would include Scott King, Collier Schorr, Honey Dijon, Sarah Cwynar, Andrea Arnold and Tyler Mitchell.

It’s a beautiful publication in it’s own right but with the added promise of doing good too. The whole £14 sale price will go direct to the cause.

Publisher: Nick Chapin
Creative director: David Lane
Editor: Francesca Gavin

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