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Litt #1

215 x 275 mm, 64 pages (plus 1 matchstick)
Callicoon, New York
First published 2023
Executive Director & Founder: Rachel Littman
Editor: Anaïs La Rocca
Design & Art direction: Pablo Delcan

Litt debuts its striking first issue as a biannual literary magazine ‘informed by the direct experience of living life on the outposts.’ The magazine was born in a tiny bookshop in a small down on the banks of the Delaware River and captures the voices of those who do not live in major cosmopolitan metropolises—but don’t make the mistake of thinking small town life is any less vibrant or complex. Litt proves otherwise. 

The first issue is themed ‘heat,’ and makes this point in both text and visual puns. Inside are stories about the sparks of young love, hot takes about womanhood, burning fires of war, and poetry hot off the press. Outside, the magazine has a strikable honeycomb spine and comes with a long match to fuel your own literary fires. With all this thematic consistency, though, we are left to wonder: what’s so hot about an egg cover star?

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