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Little White Lies #94

200 x 245 mm, 100 pages
London, UK
Published since 2005
Editor: David Jenkins
Art director: Laurène Boglio

Little White Lies has been at the vanguard of today’s generation of indie magazines since it launched, and is still as overflowing with love for movies as ever. One of the best places to turn to for reviews and insightful criticism, each issue focuses on a new movie.

This issue: 'Pink Flamingos at 50' with an illustration by Rosie Lea Brind that riffs on the iconography of Flamingos-era Divine.

‘It’s sad to say that Pink Flamingos is still something of a film maudit in the UK due to our restrictive censorship laws. Over the years, certain sequences have been approved, but never to the point where a citizen of these fair isles could walk into a cinema with the freedom to see the full, unexpurgated film in all its gaudy glory. With the 50th anniversary Criterion Blu-ray release on its way, we decided that now would be the perfect time to return to the scene of the crime and look back at this masterpiece of sicko cinema.’

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