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Lodown #125

204 x 300mm, 114 pages
Berlin, Germany and (Somewhere) Austria
Editors: Goetz Werner and Yasmin Martinelli

Founded in 1995, Berlin-based Lodown offers a healthy dose of anti-establishment arts, interviews and board-sports. Highly visual and matt paper-paged, this is the 'Heat' issue for Summer 2023... Appropriate given, you know, the world...

'The HEAT is on. The air smells like chlorine and sun lotion, the sidewalks are decorated with broken bottles, and sweaty folks are getting more aggressive with every added degree Celsius. Paradoxically, summer still reigns supreme. It’s the invincible season. the ultimate invitation for procrastination. It’s the time of year when life actually presents itself as rife with possibilities. And that’s exactly why Lodown’s summer issue is bringing back the heat.'

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