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Luncheon #16

240 x 340mm, 374 pages
London, UK
Published since 2016
Editor-in-chief: Frances von Hofmannsthal
Art directors: Giulia Garbin & Mariana Sameiro

Conceived as a meal, with different sections as different courses, Luncheon is a feast of artists, chefs and folks-about-town orbiting the publisher’s base in the Rochelle School—a converted Victorian building in east London.

This chunkier Autumn/Winter 2023-24 issue features the usual mix of photographed, painted and sculptural covers, four in total: a lovely detail from Peter Doig's ‘Music Shop’, a pair of smokey shoes shot by Tim Gutt and Shona Heath, some glassy tights and top by George Krakowiak, and Lily Wright photographed by Rachel Fleminger Hudson. 

On the Journal, about issue nine:
‘Built around the idea of time spent together, over lunch, this large-format celebration of art and culture presents long form transcriptions of conversations…’ 

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