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Marlè #3

210 x 300 mm, 132 pages (plus condom)
Milan, Italy (Italian and English-language)
First published 2022
Editor-in-chief: Arianna Guion
Editor: Paolo Bambilla

From Milan comes youthful fashion and culture biannual Marlè, specifically dedicated to ‘fashion, sexology, sociology, psychology’. Scattered amongst a set of playfully themed shoots—floored athletes, Uber rides and afterparties—are pieces of sex-positive cultural commentary, written in both Italian and English side by side. This third issue looks at love addiction, orgasms, anal pleasure and the patriarchy within feminism, and includes a handy Marlé-themed condom on the first page. 

As for the name, editor-in-chief Arianna Guion explains: ‘The guiding voice that transports the reader page after page is "La Marlè," a 74-year-old lady who, like a grandmother, serves as a spokesperson for an authentic view of life through the brilliant minds of our contributors.’

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