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Modern Matter #20

210 x 275 mm, 210 pages
London, UK
Creative director: Olu Michael Odukoya

'Is Tomorrow Better?' This is the question the latest double-sided iteration of Modern Matter magazine asks, carrying on from the reconfigurable format of their previous issue:

'This issue is an anthology, a think tank within an object. Each story, each spread page; all are free to intertwine and co-exist. The reader is a participant in their own right, invited to turn a kaleidoscope of ideas, stories and journeys in any way they see fit. It’s a puzzle with no ‘correct’ answer. Same ideas, different configuration. Both the front and back cover are entrances into the magazine.' 

From the Journal, Olu Michael Odukoya in February 2019:
‘In the current age of everything feeling homogenous, I wanted to exaggerate the concept of what is deemed best practice in relation to magazine covers.

'I’m not interested in having the ‘face’ of the moment, or worse still a subject who has a huge social following. Our readers are less interested in these measures of social acceptance. I’ve previously created a bumper 600 page issue where 50% was made up of blank pages… [one recent] issue repeats the content twice over with the repeat content printed in an offbeat colour profile. Our previous issue titled ‘Mother’ was packaged alongside a mini version we named ‘Child’.

'Subtle but significant nuances are what I think provide the emotional connection with the magazine that our readers love...’ READ MORE

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