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Mono.Kultur #49: Santiago Sierra

150 x 200 mm, 48 pages plus multiple fold-outs
Berlin, Germany
Publisher: Kai Von Rabenau 

Each issue of Mono.Kultur is dedicated to one interview with a creative type. The dimensions remain the same every time, but the design and finisihing is completely rethought to reflect the issues’s subject.

In this issue interviewer Guillermo Espinosa meets controversial Spanish artist Santiago Sierra.

On the Journal:
‘I still rub my eyes sometimes when people call us veterans in self-publishing. Has it really been that long? As for advice, it’s simple: is it really something special you are planning? Are there already titles out there that do what you want to do, are you addressing a gap or a need? There are so many magazines around now, it’s hard to keep track; and we’ve seen so many disappear again over the years. So you better make sure you’re going to add something worthwhile that is actually fresh and different and interesting…’ —Kai Von Rabenau  READ MORE

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