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Musée #28

Spring/Summer 2023
230 x 300 mm, 273 pages
New York, US
Founded in 2011
Founder/editor-in-chief: Andrea Blanch
Creative director: Sam Shahid / Matthew Kraus

Created by editor-in-chief Andrea Blanch, Musée is a veritable bible exploring the art and culture of photography and image-making. Inside, world-famous artists, curators, collectors, critics, and thinkers abound. 

This is the 28th edition themed Control, which 'explores the many ways we attempt to exert or wrest away control—creatively, politically, socially—through the lens of a diverse array of artists who have broken down the boundaries of authority with their work.'

Cover image: Tyler Mitchell, Treading, 2022. Courtesy of Gagosian

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