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n plus 1 #44

176 x 254 mm, 180 pages
New York, US
Editors: Mark Krotov, Dayna Tortorici 
Art editors: Ofurhe Igbinedion, Rachel Ossip & Su Wu
Design: Dan O. Williams 

n+1 is a New York-born print and digital magazine of literature, culture and politics published three times a year. 

Issue #44 for Winter 2023 is themed 'Middle Men'. From the editors: 'We live in undeniably ugly times. [...] Despite more advanced manufacturing and design technologies than have existed in human history, our built environment tends overwhelmingly toward the insubstantial, the flat, and the gray, punctuated here and there by the occasional childish squiggle.

'This drab sublime unites flat-pack furniture and home electronics, municipal infrastructure and commercial graphic design: an ocean of stuff so homogenous and underthought that the world it has inundated can feel like a digital rendering — of a slightly duller, worse world.'

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