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New Escapologist #14

148 x 210mm, 90 pages
Glasgow, UK
First published in 2007
Editor: Robert Wringham
Art director: Samara Leibner

As the name suggests, New Escapologist is 'the journal of the art of getting out of things', aiming to be an antidote to the daily slog that is work, stress, capitalism et al. Originally published between 2007 and 2017, the magazine makes a return following a successful Kickstarter campaign with their fourteenth issue, The Witty Comeback:

'In our comeback issue we look at the performance art of melting ice, the state of British prisons, a botched 1966 escape plan concerning the Beatles and UFOs, the bullshit of Johann Hari, and the all-time classic escape story of The Count of Monte Cristo.' 

A quirky (and slightly sardonic) little respite from the mundane everyday.

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