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Nomas #15

240 x 330 mm (double issue)
Nicosia, Cyprus
Editor-in-chief: Yannis Bournias
Editorial director: Lina Stefanou

Nomas 'gazes at people and places with the curiosity'. Every issue explores a different destination or theme.

For issue #15, Nomas publishes two separate magazines as one: Olympia & Anafi. In Olympia, we're taken on a journey exploring the 'Common Ground' between modern technology and ancient civilisation (influenced by Microsoft's new digital platform on Ancient Olympia: Common Ground).

Anafi, on the other hand, makes a 'journey in the mind of a single person to portray Anafi solely through the eyes of the world-renowned artist Dimitris Papaioannou.' Inside you'll find a 'dialogue with the human body' translated into a collection of monochrome, pencil-line illustrations.

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