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Numéro Homme Berlin #20


230 x 220 mm, lots of pages
Paris, France (German and English-language)
Editorial and artistic director: Götz Offergeld
Art direction: Mirko Borsche
Creative direction: OOR Studio, Bureau Borsche

This vast, multi-volume men's fashion publication weighs in at over two and a half kilos and is made up of 4 separate parts of varying hefts. Aka a whole lot of fashion, and a whole lot of chunk

For Spring/Summer 2024, this is the 'Passion' issue split over volume A and volume B. A brilliantly written editor's letter introduces this issue discussing the importance of finding fulfilment. Followed with interviews with photographers, artists and curators talking deeper into their personal processes, why these creatives do what they do and the authenticity behind their works. Additionally, a minimalist supplement dedicated to visual artist, Max Dax, delving into the very crux of passion.

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