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Pavement Licker #12

210 x 150 mm
London, UK
Published since 2003
Created by: James-Lee Duffy and writer Josh Jones

Created way back when in 2003 as a place to 'promote fresh talent alongside more established names in the underground art world', London-made zine Pavement Licker has grown into something much bigger, while retaining its unconventional roots and continuing to accrue dedicated followers.

On the Journal:
‘The only real rule we have is that James and I both have to like a piece for it to go in. We purposely don’t have a theme or brief for submissions. We find that narrows down what we get and we’ve also noticed that each issue takes on its own life. Sometimes we realise it’s gone punky, or psychedelic or whatever. It’s all very organic.’ – Josh Jones READ MORE

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