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Pin-Up #34

233 x 283 mm, 210 pages
New York, US
Creative and editorial director: Felix Burrichter
Editor: Emmanuel Olunkwa
Art director: Office Ben Ganz

The ‘magazine for architectural entertainment’ never disappoints, and this is another strong issue.

This issue is themed The Body, and features an entire alphabet created using musician Travis Scott’s body. That’s it on the cover (there are two covers, we have only this one) and inside there’s the full A-Z. Plus! Visit the Pin-Up site to type your own words using the letters. Here’s one we made earlier…

As well as Scott, read about fashion designer Jonathan W Anderson, Italian designer Marva Griffin and Martino Gamper & Max Lamb. Plus Hans Ulrich Obrist interviews June Leaf.

The issue also follows in the tradition of previous ones, with a die-cut cover, the right hand edge of the entire issue being wave-shaped.

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