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Pipette #10

165 x 240mm, 98 pages
Adelaide Hills, Australia
Three times a year
First published in 2017
Editor/Art director: Rachel Signer
Layout: Emma Dragovic

The final edition of the go-to magazine about natural wines — those that have nothing added and nothing removed during the production process. In this issue of Pipette, editor Rachel Signer bids us a fond farewell:

'I hope that I'll be able to meet many more of you, somewhere in the world, and hear more about your own journeys with natural wine while sharing a bottle.'

On the Journal:
‘Though natural wines are the glue-y tannins that holds Pipette together, the real subjects of this predetermined magazine (the next issue, 10, will be its last) are the people and communities who feature throughout its pages. As founder Rachel Singer muses in her editor’s letter: “Natural wine makes the world smaller. It connects us, across geography and time …That’s what I think drives this magazine. The voices coming together from across the world...”' READ MORE

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