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Pit #12

168 x 240 mm, 146 pages
London/Bristol, UK
First published in 2017
Editor: Helen Graves
Art director: Holly Catford
Director of photography: Robert Billington

‘What’s up, spuds!’

The magazine of Food & Fire is back, and it’s starchier than ever. Filled with fishcakes, chip butties and vada pav, Pit's much anticipated Potato Special sees the magazine (and our waistlines) double in size.

In this issue: ‘We travel the world from Peru to Sheffield, covering some of the wider cultural stories that present themselves through the lens of spuds. What do Tater Tots have to do with women’s liberation? Why was there a potato boycott in ’50s South Africa? What on earth is Germany’s mayonnaise equator?’

Featuring cover stars Melon, Polly and Bob.

On the Journal
Magazine of the Month, May 2022: ‘Potatoes are one of the least photogenic things I can imagine shooting for a cover, but give them a face and expression and they become engaging. Shoot the decorated potatoes with a certain earnestness—these are very carefully art directed Potatoheads—and the resulting image sums up Pit. These guys are having fun as they explore their world.’
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