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Pit #9

168 x 240 mm, 98 pages
London/Bristol, UK
First published in 2017
Editor: Helen Graves
Art director: Holly Catford
Director of photography: Robert Billington

The magazine of Food & Fire returns with the MSG special, re-printed for 2024.

'Guest edited by Burmese food writer and host of The MSG Pod, MiMi Aye, Issue #9 is a rollercoaster ride through the history and uses of one of the world’s most mysterious seasonings.'

Inside: Columnist Big Has reveals the secrets of Turkish kebab shop bread, Phoebe Amoroso looks at the Japanese potato salad that can make or break a restaurant’s reputation and we have lots of fun with some incredible recipes, including wet thar mekin – Burmese flame-grilled pork. Plus much more!

On the Journal:
The making of the cover of Issue #8: The Sausage Special:

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