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Pitch #1

205 x 260 mm, 132 pages
Nottingham, UK
First published 2022
Editor: Andy Afford
Publisher: Kevin Whitechurch

'Stories of modern sport'

A new multi-sports magazine by a self-identified and evidently enthusiastic [magazine-making] 'amateur', Pitch tells stories of sports across the board: from baseball, gymnastics and formula one to your bread and butter football, golf and cricket. 

The interesting part of the idea is to bring all sports fans together, as Pitch write: 'We want to build a community around this magazine. Making it a place where we all opt in. A place where people are positive about their passions. And unafraid to tell their stories.'

Inside you'll find plenty of content: both short and long form features (it's wordy) as well as listicles, timelines and sports photography. It'll be interesting to see how broadening the definition of the (often sport-specific) sports magazine will be received by followers of the genre.

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