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Plastikcomb #5

220 x 297 mm
Germany & US (English language)
Published since 2020
Founder and designer: Aaron Beebe
Co-founder: Thomas Schostok

A German-American analog art publication (and feast for the eyes) proclaiming loudly, 'Digital is dead!' Plastikcomb exists as a physical space to 'break the mould of typical magazine formats with experimental editorial design'. Inside, you'll encounter a 'diverse line-up of visual content makers.'

This is their fifth issue to date, opening with a quote from the New York-based, Austrian graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister: 'It's fantastic that two designers with no formal training are creating a magazine.' We concur, Stefan.

On the Journal:
Plastikcomb is actually a metaphor for collage. In the States, when it was picture day, you were handed a plastic comb, in which your current hairdo was styled to make you look “presentable,” and more than often you ended up looking like a completely different person. Like collage, you take an image, and make it something else, or perhaps give it a new purpose or meaning.’ – Aaron Beebe READ MORE

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