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Playgirl #001

270 x 200 mm, 273 pages. United States

'We'll take it from here...'

Playgirl is back. Featuring a 1970s-inspired typeface (the magazine was originally launched in 1973) and one heavily pregnant, nude Chloë Sevigny on the front cover. With a largely women-led team and an emphasis on storytelling (as well as nude images across the gender spectrum) this is a very 2020s take on the Playboy-anchored original.

Almost all of the content in this issue, which had been due for release in April, was created before Covid-19 took hold in the US and, save for two, new first-person essays and a poem: 'Everything else was edited to ground it in this current world.'

On the cover: Chloë Sevigny by Mario Sorrenti 

Editor-in-chief: Skye Parrott
Creative director: Alex Wiederin
Publisher: Jack Lindley Kuhns

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