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Racquet #24

240 x 190 mm, 124 pages
New York, US
Publisher, founder: Caitlin Thompson 
Design and art direction: Ashtyn Butoso, Alex Haigh & Bethany Marrie Ito

A magazine about tennis that places the sport at the heart of art, culture, fashion and ideas. Always a rich read and visual treat, whether you’re a tennis head or not (trust us). 

Making their return after a brief hibernation, Racquet is revitalised—vibrant and energetic for the 24th edition. This issue covers other similar revivals such as the cover story about West Side Tennis Club, and private country clubs like it, springing back from the edge of extinction post-COVID, and the grassroots resurgence of tennis culture in Korea.

Plus, emo icons Pete Wentz and Zac Farro share highlights from their own tennis tours, the film Wimbledon celebrates its 20th anniversary with an in-depth retrospective, and a rebellious new racquetball hybrid emerges out of New York. 

On Vimeo:
Then editor David Shaftel and publisher Caitlin Thompson joined Jeremy Leslie to discuss launching their magazine as part of our MagMagMag series in New York, May 2022.

On the Journal:
‘Though tennis is absolutely at its core, Racquet really is wide open. Art, culture and fashion are all very much at home here. I mean, despite the fact I haven’t picked up a racquet in years (though my partner was a minor child wunderkind at the sport) here I am, a little bit in love with a tennis magazine...'

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