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Rouleur #123

210 x 290 mm, 148 pages
London, UK
Published eight times a year
First launched 2006
Editor: Edward Pickering
Art director: Enric Adell

'Cycling culture'

Independent road cycling staple Rouleur totes itself as ‘the finest cycling journal in the world’. Published eight times a year, this latest edition is their Futurology edition, with a deck of cycling themed tarot cards on the cover. As editor Edward Pickering reflects:

‘Cycling often gets a bad rap as a traditionalist, backward-looking sport, but it's also one that is obsessed with the future. The history of the sport has been one of constant improvement, technologically, nutritionally, physiologically and psychologically... And best of all, I'm certain that cycling's best days are ahead of us.’ Go on then, flip through and see what those cards have in store.

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