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Rucksack #9

210 x 275 mm, 100+ pages
London, UK
First published in 2017
Co-founders/editors: P Mirko Nicholson and Laura Pendlebury

The Coast Issue of Rucksack explores 'vast, open spaces in a constant state of change... where land meets water.' In their own words:

'Through Coast, we showcase how these landscapes are more than simply where land meets water. They serve as pathways to places and feelings etched in memory, a connection with the emotion of our past.'

With photography by Spencer Backman, Jared Chambers, Brian Chorski, Giulia Gartner, Alice Greenfield, Lydia Harper, Conni Koscina, Mirko Nicholson and J.K Winders, and writing by Spencer Backman, Mark Casagranda, Will Glover, Laura Pendlebury and Jennifer Smith.

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