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Sali e Tabacchi #3

210 x 270 mm, 178 pages
Milan, Italy (English-language)
Published since 2019

Co-founded by:
Elisa Carassai and Leonardo Pellegrino
Graphic design: Leonardo Pellegrino

Named after the sign above Italian tobacconists, Sali e Tabacchi is an exploration of Italy behind closed doors through the words and images of Italian creatives. 

This issue looks at rituals, with particular attention to humankind’s relationship with nature. As Elisa Carassai notes in her editor’s letter, ‘Rituals are a heritage of our inner animal’.

The Sali e Tabacchi  team travelled across Italy to research ths issue: we visit the mountaintops of Valle d’Aosta, the plains of Lombardia, Abruzzo’s forests, Umbria and Sicily.

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