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Scenery #1

240 x 320 mm
London, UK
Editor-in-chief: Simon B. Mørch
Creative director: Alister Mackie
Art director: Aiden Miller

'Look at the scenery, read the magazine'

Gorgeously put-together, Scenery is a thick-bodied, bold and brand new interiors magazine full of rich and alluring visuals and created by well known magazine-people, Simon B. Mørch and Alister Mackie. 

‘The word Scenery,’ writes editor Simon Mørch, ‘refers to the landscapes and interiors that inspire us. The details of the spaces that colour our lives, the curiosities and characters we collect. The places we choose to spend our time, and why we choose to spend our time in them.’

This first issue features a mix of archive and new full-page images from Amanda Harlech, Stefano Pilati, Bella Freud, Ivan Terestchenko, Louis-Géraud Castor, Jebi Labembika, Venetia Scott, Ed Rollitt, Mark Betty, the Robert Kime estate, Gérald Lajoie, Marrow Project and lots more. A joy to peruse.

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