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ScissorMag #1

175 x 248 mm, 40 pages
London, UK
First published 2023
Editors and art direction: Alysha Hobson and Talitha Thomas-Kelly
Design: Ivan Viaud

ScissorMag makes up for the disproportionate lack of working class and female identities in current creative industries by centring and elevating young creatives from these and all backgrounds. In their own words: ‘We give new voices room to be heard without having to know someone on the inside.’

Their first issue dares to get at the heart of misrepresentation with the theme ‘Female Hysteria.’ Within juicy red and pink pages, ScissorMag explores the ‘the social caricatures created to shame and contain womanhood.’ Find inside featured artwork inspired by the teen girl experience, maternal gender legacies, home video archives, intimate hair growth, and more.

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