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Shichimi #1

235 x 305 x 20mm, 58 sheets (unbound, in card box)
Tokyo, Japan
To be published annually
Editor-in-chief/creative director: Kaoru
Designer: Hitoki Naruo

We’re really excited to have a very limited number of this new magazine from Japan.

Discovered when we met founder Karou Mitsou during our recent trip to New York for magCulture Live, Shichimi (named for the Japanese spice) explores food and its intersection with art, fashion, and culture, building on Karou’s work with food imagery and writing. Includes a remarkable series of  images of eggs by various photographers.

This first issue is made up of 58 unbound sheets printed on thick, high quality paper, each carrying a beautiful food photograph that would sit happily framed and hung (the photography and printed results are *chef's kiss*). Appropriately then, the issue has been dubbed ‘The Framing Issue’.

Though largely visual, this Japanese-made food and photography publication also includes written pieces (in both Japanese and English) as well as recipes and instructions for how to fold an ‘onigiri cup’. Best of all, you can arrange and rearrange its content as you please, as many times as you please.

Limited edition of 500 copies.

Sorry, not enough stock!