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Sixteen Journal #9

240 x 310mm, 226 pages
Paris, France (image-led)
Creative director & Editor-in-chief: Xavier Encinas
Art direction: Sixteen World
Fashion director & editor: Victoire Simonney

Completely visual Sixteen Journal allows a platform for emerging and established artists to share their work outside of their usual commercial habitat. Each issue offers a great study of people as subjects – portraits, street shots, posed and more. This latest issue is dedicated to Hispanic Culture.

Contributing Artists: Jack Davison, Darren Gwynn, Elizaveta Porodina, Ricky Alvarez, Sam Nixon, Conor Cunningham, Thalía Gochez, Sam Gregg, Juan Brenner, Samuel Bradley, Jack Shelton, Chessa Subbiondo, Xavier Encinas, Benjamin Bouchet, Joseph Rodriguez, Stefan Ruiz, Merrick Morton, Cristina Garcia Rodero, Marcus Correa, Ron Hartleben, Gabrielle Marceca and Jon Merced.

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