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So Young #33

175 x 250 mm, 60 pages
Published since 2013
Editor: Sam Ford
Art Director: Josh Whettingsteel

Inspired by the punk zines of previous generations, So Young is a tribute to all that remains positive in the world of guitar music: ‘going to gigs, buying records, looking at the sleeve artwork as you listen.’

This issue leads with Amyl and the Sniffers as well as featuring:

Josh Whettingsteel
Olivia Sterling
Julia Kluge
Lena Yokoyama
Justin LaGuff
Christina Gransow
Jolly Mones
Lauren Hall
Jamie Knee
Cameron JL West
Tania Yakunova
Perrine Forite
Jonas Kalmbach
Toby Evans-Jesra
Zoé Coulon
EJay Jo

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