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Somesuch Stories #6

110 x 180 mm, 204 pages
London, UK
Editor: Suze Olbrich
Art direction: Lydia Garrett
Cover art: Elio Mercer

‘Essays and short stories offering original insight into contemporary experiences of culture, nature, sex and society’, that's what make up the life-stuff of Somesuch Stories. With a bookish format and slick, clean design, Somesuch is always a (literary) treat to behold.

This issue, their sixth, is themed 'Flux' and as such all of the content twists itself around the topic. The opening story 'Everything is Treasure and Not Dead' which muses on travel, sisterhood, and ageing, is, fittingly, a great place to start.

On the Journal, about the previous issue:
‘Occasional literary magazine Somesuch Stories is back with another strong collection of prose, poetry and art, plus a refreshed design that shifts it into a new league.’

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