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Spike #74

216 x 280mm, 186 pages
Vienna, Austria & Berlin, Germany (German & English-language)
Published since 2004
Editor-in-chief: Rita Vitorelli
Design: Mirko Borsche

Spike is an art magazine. This issue is themed 'After Beauty'.

'We wanted to talk to you about beauty because we miss it. Too often seen as smoothness, like the bliss of scrolling, or discarded under pressure to become politically reparative, it has become hostile to the eyes of its beholders, a luxury to feel guilty about...'

With K Allado-McDowell, Lynne Tillman, Vaginal Davis, Sylvie Fleury, Sianne Ngai, Boris Groys, Billy Tang, Joanna Walsh, Stephanie LaCava, Dean Kissick, Rita Ackermann, Yves Klein, Emily Segal, Harumi Yamaguchi, Daniel Baumann and Quinn Latimer.

On the Journal, about an earlier issue:

‘I love Spike magazine. The quarterly art magazine has been published since 2004 by artist Rita Vitorelli and has just reached its 50th issue. It follows an idiosyncratic editorial direction – part of its strength is its refusal to follow the crowd, and the art mag shelf is a crammed one. It’s not easy to stand out, but Spike’s mix of written and visual essays brings a more curatorial than editorial approach. And the main reason it stands out is its design.’ Read more

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