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Suitcase #37

190 x 245 mm, 162 pages
London, UK
Editor-in-chief: India Dowley
Creative director: Sebastian Bland

'Discover what matters'

The collectable travel mag; suitably sized. This issue covers destinations including Cuba, Greece, Switzerland, Helsinki, Cape Verde and Santa Barbara.

Cloaked in a particularly pretty wrap-around cover (courtesy of the Swiss tourism board) this is The Craft Issue of Suitcase featuring a free, 80-page 'Creative's Guide to Switzerland' which explores Geneva, Zurich, Lausanne and Basel.

On the Journal:
At work with Olivia Squire, (founding) editor: ‘For our penultimate travel mag interview we catch up with Olivia Squire from Suitcase, who is just back from her summer holiday...’

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