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Suitcase #40

190 x 245 mm, 142 pages
London, UK
Founder: Serena Guen MacLeod
Editorial director: Emma Ventura
Creative director: Sebastian Bland

'Discover what matters'

The collectable travel mag; suitably sized. This is the Visionary issue: 'Whether it's finding new ways or reviving the best of the old ones, the diverse people and places that star in Volume 40: Visionary have one thing in common: a plan for a better, more beautiful world.'

Destinations visited include Amsterdam, Brazil, France, Galapagos, Nepal, Singapore and Tbilisi. 

On the Journal:
At work with Olivia Squire, (founding) editor: ‘For our penultimate travel mag interview we catch up with Olivia Squire from Suitcase, who is just back from her summer holiday...’ READ MORE

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