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Superstars Only #4

202 x 265mm, 84 pages
New York, US
Three times a year (triannual?)
Magazine first published in 2021
Editor-in-chief / Art Director: Daniela Rodriguez
Design: Adrian Tiu 

Superstars Only blurs the line between insider and outsider perspectives on today's art scene—everyone’s a Superstar.

This issue is 'an ode to what art does best' (and what we could all do with a bit of): Escape. including trips around New York and Greece, living as an avatar in online multiplayer game Second Life, starting a business, movie recommendations and a number of lovely hand illustrated spreads, all deliciously designed in artful, lo-fi style.

On the Journal
At work with Daniela Rodriguez: ‘I came up with the name Superstars Only as a way to poke fun at a NY scene that felt very into itself. I wanted to create something that didn’t read as a hall of mirrors. We’ve had so many moments where we’ve naturally stumbled on the people we end up featuring, which always feels better than tirelessly looking at who and what is hot at the moment.’
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